Core Business

Crafting Excellence, Shaping Tomorrow

Core business encapsulates the heartbeat of a company – the very essence of its expertise and strategic pursuits. For Lions of Asia, our core business is an intricate tapestry woven from diverse threads, each representing a realm of exceptional skill and innovation.

At the heart of our operations lies construction and property development, where we craft architectural marvels that redefine landscapes. With a resounding commitment to safety, our fire suppression systems lead the industry, safeguarding lives and assets.

Venturing into the realms of manufacturing, we stand as pioneers in clean agent systems. Our prowess extends to cylinder manufacturing, ensuring the foundation of our fire safety solutions is nothing less than exemplary.

From there, we extend our reach. Retail and trading allow us to connect with markets and customers, nurturing relationships that transcend transactions. Manufacturing investments, stainless steel foundry and casting, stainless steel valve production, and machine center operations collectively mirror our dedication to innovation.

Yet, it is more than business – it is legacy. As Lions of Asia, we embrace a mission that transcends corporate boundaries. Our involvement in the economic development of Istana Mataram stands testament to our commitment to progress beyond profit.

In essence, our core business is not confined to specific industries; it is a symphony of expertise, innovation, and purpose that resonates across sectors and regions. It is what defines us, propelling us towards a future defined by excellence and impact.

Property Development

Fire Suppression Systems

Construction Development

Economic Development

Manufacturing Investments

Retail and Trading

Stainless Steel Foundry Casting

Stainless Steel Valve Production

Manufacturing Equipment