Who Are We?
Our Brand Story

The inspiration behind the name 'LIONS OF ASIA' reflects the aspiration for supreme iconic qualities. Drawing from the historical portrayal of the lion as the 'KING OF THE JUNGLE,' the Lions of Asia Group has associated the lion with a range of virtues including leadership, courage, wisdom, majestic, justice, strength, nobility, humility, protection, and magnanimity.

For the Lions of Asia Group, leadership entails establishing and maintaining a prominent position within the society and its industries. Courage is symbolized by venturing into unexplored territories. Majestic is represented by the financial capacity to achieve its objectives. Strength reflects the determination to overcome challenges along the difficult path in a world that is both dedicated and diverse. Justice emphasizes conducting business ethically and honorably. Wisdom encompasses foresight and sound judgment. Nobility signifies being recognized in esteemed circles. Humility symbolizes the quiet strength of acknowledging one's limitations and successes without arrogance, fostering empathy and respect for others. Protection involves meeting the needs of the community through environmentally friendly products and services which protect lives and properties. Lastly, magnanimity showcases a spirit of generosity and care for the community.

Centered around these core values, the primary objective of the Lions of Asia Group is to embody virtues through our iconic qualities and contribute to societies with a strong track record of success in the businesses Lions of Asia conducts. This strategic planning is cultivated by the fact that Asia houses some of the world's most rapidly growing economies.

Lions of Asia Group specializes in providing top-tier infrastructure and property development. Over time, the group has been dedicated to designing and implementing innovative clean agent fire suppression systems that prioritize efficiency and environmental sustainability. The commitment to improvement and advancement remains an integral part of the group’s mission.

In summary, the Lions of Asia Group draws inspiration from the symbolic qualities associated with lions to guide its operations. By embodying attributes within the iconic qualities of leadership, courage, wisdom, and protection, the group aims to excel worldwide while maintaining ethical standards and making positive contributions to communities. Its expertise in infrastructure and property development, along with a focus on innovative products and eco-friendly solutions, sets the foundation for its future endeavors.

Chairman Message

At Lions of Asia Group, our true strength lies not in bricks and mortar, but in the remarkable individuals who drive our successes. People of integrity, wisdom, humility, knowledge, loyalty, and unwavering industry experience form the cornerstone of our group, forging a winning team and a truly 'Good Company'. We take immense pride in this invaluable asset.

Our journey began in 1976, venturing from property development to pioneering industries like Fire Protection Systems, Interactive Media and Innovative Eco-Friendly products and solutions.

As we reflect on our legacy, let us remember that every milestone, starting from property development to successfully manufacturing environmentally friendly products and solutions, signifies our collective dedication toward global recognition.

Today, I stand as Group Chairman, responsible for upholding the legacy of the Group and also for championing a new era of growth for the Istana Mataram Kingdom. Together, by the Grace of God, we will shape our destiny and expand our influence across many borders.

In the Two Hearts of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother Mary,

Ave Maria!

Sincerely yours,
Kanjeng Pangeran Adipati

Lions of Asia Group thrives with a purpose greater than profit - a commitment to bring tangible value and positive impact to lives. Our diverse ventures resonate with this mission, all made possible by our resolute, united team sharing a common goal.

As I reflect on our journey, I am reminded of the power of dedication and vision. From my early days, I have sought to lead by example. From Director of Orient Air to Vice President of Operations, I have been fortunate to collaborate on projects that span the Asia-Pacific, forging connections that have elevated Orient Corporation's reach.

Today, I stand before you as Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Orient Corporation Pte. Ltd., spearheading our Chemical and Equipment divisions. Our achievements, from acquiring Pem System Inc.'s Clean Agent Fire Suppression Units to establishing manufacturing hubs across regions, are a testament to our shared commitment.

Orient Corporation has evolved into a reputable force, recognized by global approvals. Our Clean Agent Fire Suppression systems hold the seals of UL (Underwriters Laboratories), FM (Factory Mutual), Technical Regulations Conformity, and Eurasian Conformity. Each milestone reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Together, Let us continue shaping the future – one of innovation, purpose, and impact.

With gratitude and determination,
Pangeran Adipati Melvin Handayaningrat