Istana Mataram Royalties Majestic Visit to the Emirate of Sharjah

In a significant diplomatic event, Indonesian royal dignitaries embarked on a visit to the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates on January 22, 2019. The purpose of this visit was to explore potential collaborations aimed at fostering socio-economic and cultural development between the two kingdoms.

Leading the delegation from the Kingdom of Istana Mataram in Indonesia were Her Majesty Koes M. Pakubuwono and His Majesty Wirabhumi. They were warmly received by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Sultan AlQassimi, the Prince of Sharjah, signifying the importance of this diplomatic endeavour.

This visit marked an important step towards strengthening ties and facilitating future partnerships between Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, with the potential to bring about positive developments in various spheres, including culture and socio-economic cooperation.

The primary objective of this momentous visit was to facilitate discussions on enhancing economic and cultural cooperation between the distinguished Kingdom of Istana Mataram and the esteemed Emirate of Sharjah. Presently, Istana Mataram has undertaken a series of pioneering initiatives aimed at improving the lives of its people, with particular attention to marginalized segments of society.

These commendable initiatives encompass a comprehensive range of Social, Economic, and Cultural Development Programs. Their overarching goal is to provide effective pathways for poverty alleviation by generating employment opportunities, fostering the growth of local businesses, and ensuring access to education, social welfare, and healthcare services.

Witnessing the earnest endeavours undertaken by the Kingdom of Istana Mataram and sharing a profound commitment to serving their respective constituents, the Prince of Sharjah has expressed unwavering support for these vital programs and other initiatives spearheaded by the Royal Family.

Istana Mataram takes immense pride in its culturally rich history, a legacy it strives to nurture for generations to come. With these transformative programs already in motion, doors of opportunity are poised to swing wide open, promising sustainable growth for both the economy and society at large.